There are several reasons why you need to visit your dentist for an emergency tooth extraction. When you have a damaged tooth, the dentist can fox it with filling or crowning. However, when the damage is extreme and cannot be repaired, you probably need a tooth extraction. 

emergency tooth extraction in Clinton

For example, you can get emergency tooth extraction in Clinton when you have a loose tooth. Here are several other reasons why you might need it: 

Abnormal teeth development

There are times when your teeth might fail to erupt through the gums, leading them to abnormal development. These teeth are more vulnerable to infections and other dental conditions that cause pain or gum inflammation. 

If you see any of these symptoms, you should visit a hospital for an emergency tooth extraction. This problem usually occurs with wisdom teeth, and people have to get them removed due to their abnormal development. 


Periodontitis is a type of dental infection that arises due to untreated gum inflammation (gingivitis). You can easily cure gingivitis by regular dental cleanings and oral hygiene. But, it may not be possible if you leave it untreated, which leads to periodontitis. 

Periodontitis attacks your gums and makes the structure that supports your teeth weaker. When these gums become weak, they leave the roots exposed, and the teeth are likely to fall as they have less support.  

Crowded Teeth

Some people have more teeth that cannot fit in their jaw due to insufficient space, which leads to misalignment. The best solution to resolve this problem is tooth extraction, especially when the arrangement causes pain in the gums.  


In these cases, most doctors recommend you get an emergency tooth extraction as soon as possible. If your condition worsens, it can lead it to a lot of pain and more teeth damage.   

emergency tooth extraction in Clinton