When we think of a carpenter, we think of someone who will just come in and build us a house, a set of stairs or something generic like that.  However, a carpenter can craft you pretty much anything that you can think of.  When we work with wood, professional carpentry services fairbanks, ak can take that wood and craft you some very unique items.  Here is a list of items that you might not have thought of before.

Bathroom Cabinet

The bathroom is one of the most interesting places in our home.  It is here we take showers, baths and take care of other issues.  With this being said, space can be a premium.  A good job for a carpenter will be to build you a bathroom cabinet where you can store towels, grooming equipment, soaps and much more.  With a really well-designed cabinet you can hide these items from your guests and keep your bathroom clean, organized and looking beautiful.

Bunk Beds

carpentry services fairbanks, ak

Bunk Bed and beds in general is child’s play for most carpenters.  In all reality a bed is simply a box that stores a mattress that you sleep on.  With a bunkbed you are simply placing two boxes on top of each other.  With the skills of a carpenter you can also have these beds look like anything that you want – the child’s favorite cartoon character, a space ship or a pirate ship. 

Closets and other storage in random areas

There are going to be spaces in your home that seem to be just wasted space.  Some of these can be under the stairs or in little nooks that will typically hold a potted plant.  If you hire a carpenter they can come in and create a cabinet, shelving or otherwise use that space to maximize storage or give you a visual element that makes it unique.

These are just a few ideas that you can go with.  Look around your home and begin to think outside the box and then let the carpenter build that bod for you.

carpentry services fairbanks, ak